Sunday, April 1, 2012

Postive Thinking Adds Years to Your Life!

I know a lot of folks think that postive thinking is a bunch of hooey.  I'm used to dealing with skeptics so I will just put out there what is scientifically proven and discuss a bit of the whole positive thing.

Let me preface by saying I know a few people who profess to be positive thinkers.  However, what I actually HEAR from them is anything but.  Here are a few things that interfere with positivity.

#1 - The biggest one is not loving/accepting yourself just the way you are at this moment.  Oh sure you can be trying to improve things, maybe working out to get (or stay) in shape, or changing eating habits to lose weight and improve health.  What I am refering to here is the person who is verbally (and mentally) oh so NOT happy with themselves.  You can be as positive as can be about OTHER stuff, but if you don't start with you, you have negated everything else.

#2 - Grudges or anger takes a toll on your health.  Find ways to turn your thoughts around - perhaps giving up the need to be right, eat a bit of humble pie, or forgiveness is in order - only you know what would be best for the circumstance - but DO change it from the negative.

#3 - Excuses for everything or anything mean you are not in the flow and frustration is lurking.  Think about it.  Stress is present.  The quickest cure is present moment living.  Let me say right here and now that it sounds easier than it is, I realize that.  It takes practice, this present moment thing, and without constant daily reminders I struggle with it myself.  Practice.

Now back to the science of all this.  Research shows that how you perceive aging affects how long you will live, according to Mark Stibich, Ph.D.  In a study of 660 people, those with the more positive perceptions of their own aging lived an average of 7.5 years longer!  Adjusting your perception of aging while you're still young can have a tremendous effect on your life expectancy. 

Researchers believe that positive thinking about aging can increase a person's will to live, making him or her more reilient to illness and more proactive about health.  The mental stress of aging is lower for people who have a positive attitude.

Here is a brief list (from of the number of years each of these health factors are believed to add to your life:

Low blood pressure - 4 years
Low cholesterol - 4 years
Healthy weight - 1-3 years
Not smoking - 14 years
Regular exercise - 1-3 years

When my daughter hit puberty and hysterics were a common thing, I started to teach her that her tears meant a lesson in the works.  After awhile she would cry for a minute and then say "Ok, what's the  lesson?"  which let me know she was making some connection to adjusting her thinking.  Sometimes I would assist with talking it out, other times she would go journal it out by herself. 

The point is,  when we are upset, we need to think about this creatively and be open to all possibilities.  Harboring anger, resentment, carrying around old emotional injuries all work to destroy our longevity and present health.  Every cell in your body knows what you are thinking inside.  You cannot hide it from "them".  They respond to your thoughts in ways we may never understand, except that it's been shown repeatedly that negative behavior/thoughts DOES affect cellular behavior. 

Many times, scientists can tell us for sure something is happening, but cannot tell us how or why.  This is one of those things.  Have you seen the experiments done with plants - a threat is verbally made to a plant and from electrodes the scientist placed on the plant, the electrodes show clearly that the plant is responding - on a cellular level - to the threat being made. 

I'm not a doctor, or scientist.  I do study research a lot, like on a geek level.  I've seen two people I've known, both very negative people, worriers too, develop cancer.  Neither had a change of thought pattern during treatments and both are dead.  When I read so much about thoughts truly impacting the health of our cells, I often wonder if maybe, just maybe, they turned their thoughts around if they'd have made it?  We will never know.  I do know of several people who have had remarklable  success curing their cancers and their attitudes were very, almost radically, different from the negative people.

Studying cellular biology was the biggest game changer for me, personally, to make the connection and really SEE and know that this is indeed so true it's almost freaky.  If you want happy cells, you best have happy thoughts then, eh?  It is rather a giggle when you think about Big Brother always watching us, when it's really our teensy little cells inside of us that is in tune totally with whatever goes on in our minds.  We are as much what we think as what we eat!

So if you want good health, go back up to the top of this post and check how you are doing with points 1-3 with an honest assessment.  You can eat all the health food in the world but if your mind isn't on the positive page, well, some changes on the inside are necessary.  Think of how glowingly happy newly-in-love people look.  Don't they glow?  What is it that is causing that glow?  How do you glow?  What does that?  It's what you are thinking! 

Spring clean  thoughts and attitudes.  Get going - get glowing!   It will add years to your life! 


  1. Loved your post...truly believe we should not worry or fret over imagined fears and that anger and stress limit our years.

    I have always told my children and grandchildren that "We are what we think and eat!

    1. Hi Wanda! Wise words to pass along! Long live us with good food and thoughts!

  2. I usually am convinced the glass is at least half full--if not fuller! Loving ourselves the very way we are in the minute feels like the most important thing we can do. The more we love and accept ourselves, the more that shines outward toward others, as well. I do try not to stuff any emotion, repressing it, though. If it can't be turned around immediately, will deeply feel the "negative" emotion until it's possible to turn it around. Loved this post! It ROCKS!

    1. Hi Kathy! Your attitude rocks too, young lady! :)

  3. I love the stats! And not only does it add longevity, it's quality longevity. Whoohoo!

    1. Hi Laurie! I love the win win! Definitely worth a whoohoo!

  4. I believe the science and the results One can now get a Doctorate in Positive Psychology and can retrain their brain...the book I am reviewing this week is Energy Psychology but it just ends with all the things you can do in 6 weeks to retrain your brain to the positive.

    If you think solutions - solutions come
    If you think excuses - excuses come...simple as that

    I am enjoying the exercises to that go along with the retraining....but it was extremely powerful to get off the blood pressure medication ( herbal but just as depressive as the chemical junk)

    1. Hi Patricia! Between Joe Dispenza's "Evolve Your Brain" and Eckhart Tolle's books, I've been re-training a few years now. Amazing!!!! I'll check out your book as well - can't seem to get enough of this stuff - it's all good!

  5. Looking forward to those "puberty lessons" with Kelly. :)

    ~~ Signed, "Happy Cells In Austin"


    1. Hi Jannie! I'll bet. :) Will be lighting a candle for you :)

  6. I love this post. This is something I've really had to work on. I spent a lot of years blaming my life on my parents and the difficulties of my childhood. Then I started to learn more about my parents and saw them as people, not just a mom and a dad. It's really changed how I view life. I became more accepting of myself and others as I let go my gremlins of the past.

    I'm not perfect and I do have my angry moments, but I recognize them now. I've learned to apologize and forgive myself, as well as others. It's made me a lot happier. Thanks for this reminder:~) Have a great weekend, Susan!

    1. Hi Sara!
      You sure aren't alone with that struggle of REviewing things from a less emotionally volatile position. I did the same thing years back - I think everyone has to go thru it. Just let go of perceived hurts, it does no good to hold on to them because you are missing the good stuff today. I think we get mad at our parents for having faults and not being perfect because gosh, they were perfect before (when I was little) and all of a sudden they became horrid. No, it's just human behavior with faults that every person on earth has!

      Growing up is hard - growing old happens all too easily. I know old people who never did grow up. These are not always in sync.

      As I told my kids many times, sorry there is no re-wind. It is what it is, move on.