Sunday, November 27, 2011

Congress, USDA, Pizza Vegetable = Transparent INSANITY

Did you know that there is such a thing as the American Frozen Food Institute?  Seriously, I did not make that up.  They have lobbyists in Washington.  But the front for them is The Coalition for Sustainable Meal Programs which is funded by corporations like ConAgra.  Collectively they are the enemies of healthy school lunches for our children.  They argue against serving fruit without added sugar and for retaining the current levels of sodium in school food because, as their website says, "Sodium is an essentail mineral and required for life."
Brilliant.  Freaking Brilliant.

Obviously the processed food industry is upset with the proposed improvements to school meals that the nearly ineffective USDA was trying to put through.  I say "nearly ineffective" because they have been supposedly "trying" for seven years now to get school lunches healthier.  Seven years.  But look what they are up against.   The industry's lobbyists are flexing their political muscle to get their way.

Now let's see.  Who has the most money?    The Corporations.  And how do they use this money?  They "invest" it in Congress (via the lobbys) to see that laws are passed that will allow them to make even more money and more money.  What has happened here is Congress has hijacked the USDA's regulatory process to do the food industry's bidding.

Just how bad do things have to get when the USDA gets backed into a corner?  Lots of money bad.  According to a report on "Grist", "The agency seemed a tad shell-shocked recently when, in defending its proposed rules, it told the Washington Post that keeping pizza in schools won't save any money, as the GOP had claimed."

And so now we Pizza declared a vegetable.  I'm sure God is thrilled!

If you haven't wanted to see the money connections to our sorry state of food in this country, here's a flaming example.  It makes it pretty easy to understand the games that go on in the name of profits and since this was done in the open by Congress, can you imagine what goes on that you DON'T hear about?  Scary! 

I'd love to fire the entire Congress.  Then outlaw lobbyists. 

If, for any reason, you have not seen that corporations and greed/profits run this country and that "they" are in charge of the food supply, time to tune in.  This is a blatant example, declaring pizza a vegetable!  Childhood obesity rates are soaring.  This is what our government does to help?  What is your reaction to this insanity? 


  1. And then they make millions of dollars off diabetes and obesity...and all the tricks to help people find health...

    health is a personal journey and part of liking oneself....we are so manipulated...

    I think Occupy Wall Street might have been more effective if they had boycotted Black Friday and kept the Corporations from making so much money off of us....oh right corporations are now people...

    Most folks loose their shirts on Black Friday and gain huge interest payments....ah me...I am stilling hoping we have reached the PEAK of Materialism...I think we have a while to go with this greed mentality is my biggest concern

  2. Oh my gosh was this an eye opening post! THANK YOU.

  3. Hi Patricia! I wish the Occupy folks would have a definitive platform altogether - saying you are fed up with the status quo isn't going to effect much change. The Peak of Materialism? Wow, I don't think we are there yet, but let's hope people wise up soon!

  4. Hi Laurie! Glad you found it informative! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Susan,

    This was interesting and I decided to do some checking out of the history of this story.

    Evidently, it goes back to Reagan's time and the argument about tomato paste being counted as a vegetable and how much tomato paste equaled one serving of vegies.

    There was lots of discussion on the site I found, but one thing cracked me up because I had forgotten all about this. One commenter mentioned the fact that a tomato is actually a fruit and not a vegetable.

    How does this plays into pizza becoming a vegetable? Maybe it will also become a fruit serving. Then you have two for one!

    I'm not sure it's healthy for any of us to have Congress monitoring the school menus. Actually, this is kind of scary.

    As usual, thank you for this interesting post!

  6. Hi Sara! I think if people don't get the connections between the corporations pushing crap on us and the government being their rubber stamp instead to protecting US from THEM, I'd agree with Dr. Russell Blaylock who says there is a total dumbing down of America going on. I see people getting "awakened" when they get a major health scare or illness. It sometimes takes being on the brink of death before they change their food choices! Wow huh?

  7. Pizza is a vegetable? Really? After eating really healthy for six years, I am still amazed at what the majority of folks label as "healthy"...thanks for this interesting blog.