Monday, October 31, 2011

The Gooey Ick of Self-sabotage - Getting Unstuck from Your Past

We have habits and beliefs that do not always serve us well.  Thought I would start November out with a video from a Dr. Wayne Dyer interview about looking at things differently.   It's a new season, hardly my personal favorite, so since I cannot control this weather and being stuck inside makes me more introspective, I thought I'd do some mental house cleaning.  Hope you'll join me!

Making  changes in our perceptions (and beliefs) could really help to get us unstuck, help us move along in the direction  we say we want to go in but often we don't -  things happen, we slip into our past thinking and beliefs and before we know it - bam!  Those old habits/beliefs are all gooey and we feel stuck.  Or worse yet, we may have the icky feeling of hopelessness.  I love the way Dr. Dyer explains how we need to leave "our stories" (the past) behind us.

And what does this have to do with health and wellness?  Absolutely everything!


  1. Susan -- Whoa. This was well-timed for me to hear. I've been struggling with some pretty difficult family issues, in addition to other things. The idea about "letting the wake drive the boat" really resonates me right now. I think I have been doing that. I'll have to really put that boat image in my head and ask myself again and again, "who's driving the boat?"

    BTW thank you for your kind words about the loss of Ms. Dix, my dog. I really appreciate what you said. It still tough, but getting better.

  2. Hi Sara! I'm so glad you found something in that video that spoke to you - it sure speaks to me too! I tend to get wrapped up in stuff and from time to time need a gentle reminder to steer my own darn boat and move the heck on. I love my collection of saved YouTube videos (and of course Dr. Dyer!) - it's good to listen to some wise words - kind of refreshing - figured I share one of my fav's! And hugs continue for you - I've been there and yes it is tough.

  3. Yes indeed - this is a great time of year for the active application of MENTAL FLOSS. A great time to pull everything that's not serving us well out of the nooks and crannies it's been hiding in.

  4. Yes, tend the flowers & pull the weeds. It's such a HABIT to do old habit thing instead of analyzing them & weeding out the bad ones.

    bikehikebabe (a.k.a. Cynthia)

  5. Hi Laurie! Oh I LOVE that - Mental Floss! That's great! And yep, let us be rather regular about that, huh?

  6. Hi Cynthia! Boy you and Laurie are both giving great "visual" kind of comments today. Tending the flowers - I'm doing that for sure! Pulling the weeds....gee I tend to put that off sometimes cuz after all they will just grow right back, right? Still - it's necessary!

  7. What a great post today Susan and it looks like we all needed to come by and discover the good words...then everyone has added a few truly adds to the suggestions..
    Oh Laurie - love the Mental Floss
    I am weeding and weeding too!

    And those old family issues and tapes, well my mother is dead and I need to stop trying to please her - right now...we did not have a wake but I can awake!
    Have a love affair - now that sounds best of all and with myself...that sure makes the sun shine...
    Also cleaning out some cupboards. I am not a hoarder or saver, but some of my cupboards - well it is time
    Cleaning up my act :)
    Great uplifting post

  8. Hi Patricia!
    Good for you! Indeed there is as much "clutter" in our homes as there is in our minds. Took me a few decades to get over trying to please my father (who has been gone for 30 yrs!) but it's such a relief to get over that - awareness, holy cow yeah, amazing! Loving ourSELVES shifts everything - yep, you're right that makes the sun shine! :)