Sunday, February 20, 2011

USDA - Can't "beet" em on Stupidity

Well, it may not be stupidity actually.  They (the USDA) has sold us out - AGAIN!  Is there no conceivable end to the control and manipulation by Monsanto?  (This is the same company that brought Agent Orange to the planet, and just about every other poisonous chemical contaminating our earth.)   With so many of their former employees (like their former Vice President) and legal counsels now comfy in high government positions, Monsanto is ruling what goes into your mouth and they don't care about your silly health problems.  They want all the power and all the money - period.  They are clever and sophisticated.  They contribute vast sums of money to candidates campaigns, so don't expect your Congress to speak against them and their shenanigans. 

The USDA abruptly passed a totally unregulated planting of GMO alfalfa for Monsanto.  Just when the Organic Associations were getting together to publicly condemn this move, the USDA raced forward to pass their blessing on Monsanto's destructive and poisonous plan.   You may not eat alfalfa but cows do.  If you consume dairy, you will get the same wonderful pesticides the cows get thru the alfalfa.   There are 23 million acres of alfalfa grown in this country.  93% of it that had no pesticides sprayed on it.  But with GMO alfalfa it will ALL get sprayed, continually, and eventually super weeds pop up that are Round-up resistant and they will then have to increase the spraying using more harmful agents.  What this does is destroy the very soil used for growing.  It's a vicious cycle and that is the pattern of what goes on with GMO crops. 

Consider this - the CFS (Center for Food Safety) has filed a lawsuit against the USDA for approving this.  It could potentially help delay this or quite possibly reverse this decision.  There ARE people in the know who, thankfully, really are watching out for us.

I know we are all busy with living our lives and we can't possibly stay up-to-date on all the shenanigans in Washington - some may avoid this altogether - which is why I try my best to keep you in the know right here on Today's Path.  Like it or not,  what happens in the halls of government will impact every one of us.

What's next?  Sugar beets.  With the public getting outraged about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup (made so cheaply from corn!)  they found the costs of making sweeteners other than HFCS cut  into their profit margins.  So voila!  Make sugary sweeteners from sugar beets - but make sure we OWN them first, right?   So pending, but sadly almost a given, is legislation to give good old Monsanto the green light to take over sugar beet production in the same way they do all their GMO's.

Tom Philpot writes this on Grist:

Sugar beets provide about half of the sugar consumed in the United States -- and Monsanto controls 95 percent of the sugar beet seed market with its Roundup Ready genes. The company's stranglehold over the beet market demonstrates its insidious market power. When a federal judge demanded in August 2010 that farmers stop planting Monsanto's GM beet seeds pending an impact study, farmers quickly found out that virtually no non-GM seed was available. Between 2005, when the USDA first green lighted GM beets, and 2010, Monsanto had essentially driven all competition out of the market.

Did you get the fact that the farmers couldn't find regular seeds?  It is happening more and more.  I was happy enough eating conventionally grown food,  as compared to organically grown, until I realized more and more of the food was becoming GMO.   If you haven't seen the movie "The World According to Monsanto" I encourage you to watch it and see the history of how Monsanto started taking control.  They already own our government.  They are slowly taking over the food supply in the US.

NOT in European nations though.  Those consumers paid attention.  Most of their crops are organic.  And they refuse our exports of GMO's as food, but have been strong-armed into accepting GMO feed for their animals.  I'm sure Monsanto has a plan for them too!

Would you like to see foods labeled?  Would you like to know if the cereal you buy is made from contaminated, pesticide ridden crops (GMO's)?  I can guarantee you if it doesn't say organic, it's GMO.  I keep linking up to the non-GMO shoppers guide for all of you.  I'll keep on doing  it because it is important!  I know in the past eating strictly organic was considered "elite" or "snobby" but we need to get over that image and realize that only by eating organic are you going to limit the toxins that cause disease.

I encourage you to join the Millions Against Monsanto at the OCA -
Step up to the plate or what is ON your plate is poisonous chemicals!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more Susan. I am limiting my diet to organic foods - which come at a higher cost than regular. Scary, very scary. Keep up the good work.

  2. Your link to Millions Against Monsanto doesn't work - for me anyway. Try

  3. Megan "JoyGirl!" BordFebruary 21, 2011 at 6:30 AM

    SuZen, I'm so grateful to you for raising my awareness of this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Always... Thank you!
    Time to repost on Facebook.

  4. The link worked fine for me, SuZen. Keep going, my dear. I'm buying organic only here whenever possible, which is 95% of the time in this area, thank goodness.

  5. Thank you so much for this. You make it so easy to understand....and it is SCARY!!

  6. Hi Stephanie! Thanks - I fixed the link last nite. Hope you'll pass the word along.

    Hi Megan! Well thank YOU for your continued encouraging support - and wow, thanks for reposting on your FB. The point is to get the word out there. What is more scary than what's going on? The fact that people don't KNOW it's going on! So I really thank YOU for helping me in getting the word out!

  7. Hi Maryse! Yes the organic is a bit higher in price, but I buy so much LESS food than I used to that I'm convinced it all levels out.

    Hi H.M.! You can find so much more info on the links I provided but I'm so so glad you find my blog helpful and easy to understand. That sure is my intention! As for scary, yeah it is but like I said earlier it is more scary to me that people are totally unaware of any of this! Rather than BE scared though, become actively involved in the activist role and also tell everyone you know about it. Together we can reach so many people and maybe turn this around!

  8. Disgusting & one more thing to worry about. We don't eat sugar here so that doesn't affect us.

    bikehikebabe (cyber name) Cynthia

  9. You do make this easy to understand and I am so upset with so many things happening (just for greed) in our lives right now...but this is rather the normal MO...while folks are shouting at each other - take away their rights and other important priorities because they can not focus on is getting so over the top scary - real scary stuff not just fantasy NEWS fear and political fear stuff...

  10. Hi Cynthia!
    I'll agree with the disgusting part but taking action in a positive way does help with the fear. If you are passive about this issue because "it doesn't affect us" you could be missing the point. It will ALL affect us, this GMO stuff - it's one take-over at a time with Monsanto and the time to say NO GMO's is now.

    Hi Patricia!
    I know it's a pretty messed up situation and there is so darned much to be informed about it sometimes makes my head swim! No lack of blogging topics for sure. I'm trying to present one thing at a time and always give empowerment to my readers by suggesting some active participation (i.e. links, petitions etc)to take. We CAN make a difference! We need to use our power!

    I've been involved in sooo much research that the only - the one and only - thing that ever scares me is peoples apathy and not using the voice they have to stand up and be counted. Being fearful is what "they" want because fear tends to immobilize people. The Jews were fearful walking into those ovens too even though they far out numbered their captors. This may seem like an extreme comparison at this stage but we are talking the future of the food supply here and the damage of GMO's can be irreversilbe. I, for one, will not sit by and say this doesn't affect me because it does now and will only become worse with massive apathy as Monsanto expands with the goverments blessing. If we don't demand labeling NOW and do our best to say NO GMO's then we are doing a slow walk to the ovens!

  11. I just signed up, Suzen! Thanks for putting in the link for active participation. And for this post. And your other posts. And for your passion in what you do for the betterment of health.

    Congrats on your new awesome Today's Path! I know you will go far with this.

    Off to get my organic lunch now!


  12. Suzen,

    I'm pleased that there are people, like you, who watch out for those of us, like me, who can complacent about food and assume what appears a good thing, might actually be a bad thing.

    Also, it's true that everything is connected in some way or another in Nature. That's one that Native Americans knew very well...we should have listened to them.

  13. Hi Jannie! Yay for you! It's so important that we all do something! I can't help but be concerned about what kind of world we are leaving for our kids generation - how about you?

    Hi Sara! Time was when I was rather complacent myself but wow those days are over! Anyone starts messin with my food and they will hear about it. Mitakoyu oyosin - We are all One.