Monday, May 3, 2010

Spiritual Partnership - A book review


The beginning of Gary Zukav's new book "Spiritual Partnership - The Journey to Authentic Power" opened with the vibe of IT IS COMING.  Much like the hopeful articles about 2012 I've read and blogged about (see Jan. archives) "new" this and "new" that, his book begins with "As more and more of us experience the new perceptions and values of the new human species, we begin to see ourselves and one another differently, our world differently and the purpose of our lives differently."

What?  A new human species? 

Not in the physical sense really.  A new consciousness, awareness and getting in touch with our souls.

Gary says we are now evolving by growing spiritually.  There are those among us who are five-sensory humans.  He begins by explaining that five-sensory humans believe that actions create consequences.  Then there are those among us (I'm afraid out-numbered?) that are multi-sensory and they know that the intention behind an action creates the consequences of the action.  These multi-sensory people are REALLY in touch with their intuition.  In fact, he says that intuition replaces intellect as the primary decision making faculty.

As an aside here - ask yourself just how much you trust your intuitition?  Do you use your intellect or your gut (slang for intuition I think) to make decisions?  Well if you are using your head (intellect) and things aren't going too well, maybe it's time to rev up the intuition?

Gary writes a lot about authentic power in a way that is understandable, loving and gentle. If you at all interested (or confused) about aligning your personality with your soul, he is your man and this is the book!  And if you aren't sure what I'm talking about, here is a brief excerpt from his book describing just what this would feel like.

"Humbleness, clarity, forgiveness, and love replace fear.  The world becomes a friendly place.  You see the struggles and spiritual potential of others and the complexity and richness of their lives, even if they are not aware of them.  Superiority gives way to appreciation.  Inferiority disappears.  The energy of your soul flows effortlessly through you into the Earth school like the breath of a musician through a flute.  Neither you nor others can tell where your personality ends and your soul begins.  Gratitude, joy, meaning and bliss fill your days.

You consult intuition, choose your intentions consciously, move forward with an empowered heart, and act without attachment to the outcome.  You do not presume to know how the Universe works or question the wisdom and compassion that shape your experiences according to the choice that you have made.  You do your part and trust your nonphysical guides and teachers to do theirs; take responsibility for your choices, and strive to contribute compassionately and wisely to life.  Each moment is full and complete.  You think in terms of causes (intentions) and effects (experience) instead of right and wrong, good and bad, fortunate or unfortunate.  You give without expectation and receive without with reservation.  All that you need is given to you.  This is authentic power."

Wow - I'll have some of that!  How about you? 

This book is wonderful - way too much for me to share here.  Gary Zukav, who also wrote "Seat of the Soul" (which I read years ago) is really the Soul Master as far as I am concerned.  This book is making its debut this month - GREAT summer reading!  Go for it!


  1. Hi Suzen,

    Oh.....this sounds like a great book. I love the part where he says, "Neither you nor others can tell where your personality ends and your soul begins."

    I've read "Seat of the Soul", so am looking forward to reading this book, as well.

    Thank you for the heads up. It sounds like another winner from Zukav.

  2. Interesting topic to consider. I think when I'm making a significant decision, it begins with intuition or gut, and then I follow through with intellect as I think things through, and consider the possibilities my intuition brought up.

  3. Thank you for pointing me to that book! I just put it on hold at the library. I've been on a spiritual book fast, feeling that I've read most of what out there. But this will be interesting, I'm sure!

  4. Yes, finally. The mind is only a computer, but cannot create anything. I always have bought my houses with my 'gut' feeling, never thinking if it was a great investment or about the resale value.
    All I did was fall in love with each and every one of them. They all have created miracles, when I was ready to move on in one of them, someone knocked on my door and offered to buy it, I could set the price. No kidding. This last one sold in one week with even a higher settling price that we asked for. Again no kidding. No mind could have orchestrated this, only love and trust.
    Oh how exciting to have this soon as 'normal'.
    This makes my day SuZen, much love Wilma

  5. Hi SuZen!

    Along the same lines of what Wilma said - lots going on in my life and I'm manifesting miracles right and left (or so it seems) - truth is, I finally decided to trust myself, give my *stuff* over to the Divine, and step boldly into the great unknown...

    Gary Zukhav seems to be an author whose books need to be on my bookshelf!


  6. I loved Seat of the Soul, suZen, so thanks for writing about his new book. I wonder, though, aren't all people multi-sensory? Or at least have the potential to be so? In psychological type terms, if we are very intuitive early in life, we'll have a natural yearning to round ourselves out toward sensation in the second part of life. (That's my story. It used to be all about intuition. Now my senses are coming into the picture and I am thankful for that). And vice versa for strongly grounded sensate types who move towards intuition later in life. Is Zukav saying something different form this? Hugs, Patty

  7. Hi SuZen .. hi just hit the wrong button & it's buzzed me out ..

    I haven't any of his books and I obviously must read him .. "Spritual Partnership" - it's noted to be bought later on.

    I've lots going on & once I'm freer and decluttered .. then I'll be able to read and will enjoy his book, I'm sure.

    Thanks for the review - have a good week - Hilary

  8. Choosing intentions consciously is so so important. How often do we just float through life and take what's doled out as opposed to purposefully and intentionally taking what we need and want? Thanks for a great review and being on the tour!

  9. Hi Barbara! It was difficult to find just the right quote from that book - I liked so many!

    Hi Joanne! I hear you about gut instincts. Just had another incredible Kentucky Derby day, the horses (2) I had the gut instinct on won, the other (2) I bet on due to "intellect" did not. I love it when my gut "wins"!

    Hey Wifsie! Glad you came by again and read the review. If you haven't read Zukav before you'll love this.

    Hi Wilma! Let's all applaude those gut instincts. Good job with the houses - that's the way to do it!

    Hi Patty! I don't think most people are multi-sensory especially in the way that Zukav compares the two in the book. But yes, the potential is sure there and I think that is the whole "awakening" thing that is going on - people will awaken to ALL their senses. It's a Good Thing!

    Hi Hilary! Glad you like the review. My reading time is sure abreviated these days too, but I'll read before sleeping each night even if its only a few pages some nights. Amazing you can get thru books that way - slow and steady.

    Hi Trish! It was my pleasure indeed! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Megan "JoyGirl!" BordMay 5, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    Oh SuZen, I LOVED reading the excerpts you shared. Thank you! This line STOPPED me in my tracks, "Superiority gives way to appreciation. Inferiority disappears."

    Holy cats... This is getting shared around today --- thank you!!!

    Much love & joy to you!

  11. Sounds wonderful in 57 ways, and them some.

    I do, do, do feel and believe a higher consciousness is on the move. Shifting back to simple friendly values. Numbers are losing significance,as they should. As in it matters not our age, weight or how much money we have.

    I LOVE this era!


  12. Hi Megan! Glad you like the excerpt - it was hard for me to choose one - I loved the beginning of this book and hope you will too!

    Hi Jannie! Hey I'm all about no numbers - most especially with age! :) I hope I NEVER "act my age" - can't do it!