Monday, November 23, 2009

Monkey Goes Bananas on Banana Schpeels

Ok, it's loose and it's everywhere.  Nothing serious here but a LOT of wonderment.  I call things wonderment when I cannot find an answer to what Monkey is asking - and it's always something!  Some things make no sense to me and of course Monkey loves that!  Here are just a few pieces of wonderment from this week:

Monkey goes bonkers over commercials on tv, but the one(s) that create a screeching lunatic, are the drug ones.  "Tell your doctor you may need_____"

Tell my DOCtor??

Shouldn't he KNOW this stuff?

Why are you, the drug company, telling ME about this?  I don't want to hear the list of side effects!  They all sound much worse than the stupid condition you are trying to convince me I now have.  When did drug companies start this nonsense of trying to sell the public on drugs we can only get thru our doctors anyway?  Who let them?  Oh yeah, money lets them.  Big money, lots of money.  How much money do they spend on this tv advertising?  How about if they save their money and reduce the cost of the drugs that they are pimping to the world.  Then if my DOCTOR decides I really need this drug, I might actually be able to afford it!

Then, another wonderment.  WHY do they charge more for products that don't contain salt?  Shouldn't it be cheaper with one less ingredient?

WHY, if sugar is so bad for us, do they keep inventing artificial sugar that is nothing but chemicals which are worse for us than the sugar?

I picked up the big Sunday newspaper from the driveway.  It was wrapped up in a very colorful bag - unusual, I thought.  What's this picture on the bag?  It's a picture of kids eating breakfast cereals and a HUGE title above this nice picture "Family Life is BETTER when your kids are HEALTHY!"  I can't disagree with that concept - but what is this lump in the plastic bag?  Oh my, it's two small trial size free cereals.  Hmmm, look at the boxes - they contain what???  Fiber?  These are junk cereals.  I wouldn't give them to my dog, let alone kids, but these companies are certainly trying to appeal to the parents-without-brains  club with this advertising.  The cereals are loaded with sugar and filler and nothing nutritious but they have added fiber?  This is their new ad campaign?  Fiber is the new buzz word?  The only fiber is in the cardboard box the cereal comes in!  Give me a break!

Monkey is pretty hopped up over the swine flu.  Monkey likes pigs?  No, it's the controversy. There is a controversy about the swine flu - and the vaccine, do you know about this?  There are always two sides to everything we are being told.  And I'm sorry, but when the government AND the drug companies team up and DEMAND I get all scared about something, it is time for me and Monkey to investigate.  Tune in to the interviews and articles on if you want to hear the "other" side of the story.  It is quite compelling.  Some astounding statistics about autism - it WAS l in 10,000 kids had it, but now, since we are vaccinating like crazy, it is 1 in 50 kids.  Seems like some research and investigating needs to be done here.  There is banana schpeel here - something is whacked!  Dr. Oz goes on tv and has his shot but doesn't have his wife and kids get one?  Really?  And the government is threatening to close down Dr. Andrew Weil for saying there are natural alternatives?  Maybe the drug companies should bail out the government as long as it is possible they are already sleeping together? 

Moving on (before government censure closes up my blog) Monkey is flippin out. Now "she" wrote a book (really?) and it's number one on Amazon - shudders!  Does this say that a pretty face, charming personality and folksy expressions trumps intelligence?  Monkey contemplates immigration to some banana-land rather than going bananas over the politics that could be here come 2012.  Maybe St. Lucia (great bananas there) or Mexico, Panama --- or moving in with Wilma! 

Well, now you see why I don't let Monkey out into the blogosphere very often.  Monkey tends to question, which is a good thing in a way, but then jumps up and down sort of ranting and screaming a lot of why's.  Busy little thing, swinging on branches from tree to tree without a care.  Used to drive me NUTS, but I'm settling down to just accepting the entertainment factor these days.  The mind cannot be dull with a screamin' monkey!

Deep inside, I know the Universe is operating as it should be.  Nothing I say is any more than my (monkey's) opinion anyway.  Again, it's all just part of the wonderment.

What is your wonderment about?  I'm just wondering......................

Have a divine Thanksgiving!


  1. Which is much of the reason I watch very, very little television. I find most of it, including the news, to be this type of ridiculous hype. I think I'll find wonderment in an amazing book, or a concert of beautiful live music, or a simple walk outdoors. (P.S. I hope Monkey feels better soon!)

  2. SuZen, when are you moving in, we might get Tess to come as well. No newspapers and television though. Just nature, fresh veggies and peace of mind.
    I love your monkey mind this time, it sounds like a wonderful sane, not yet corrupted 2 year old who is trying very hard to make sense of this insane world.
    No wonder we have created out of integrity behavior, no wonder we are mostly closed down, no wonder we have to re-educate ourselves if we want to be the change we want to see.
    We are damaged goods and we need to work on repairing our souls and heart and common sense.
    However seriously, when are you moving in? It is spring over here!
    Big hugs to you and peace, my friend, we do need your yellow ribbons albeit for another parental cause, a sane world.

  3. Hi SuZen, rock! :) I loved every little thing you shared with us. The way I see it, things have gotten so bad...there is only one way to go and that is up!

  4. Laugh out loud funny, SuZen! Monkey is quite a character. And a wise one at that, I'd say. You've perfectly captured the crazy stuff going on. I'm with Joanne. I try to tune it out, but when I can't do that, I'll just have to focus on wonderment, as you say. Like right now I'm wondering why I'm inside at my computer when it's a beautiful, sunny, 60 degree day here in Northern California. So I think I'll go outside. Thanks!

  5. Great wonderments! I share them with you as I am sure most of us do. My wonderment was yesterday and this is a strange one. I was in traffic behind a Jeep Laredo. Now, here is where my crazy mind went, I wondered is Laredo French for "do-over" as in La Re Do?

  6. Hey SuZen
    Questions, questions, questions...fantastic! Sounds to me that monkey is at odds with the status quo. I say 'Go Monkey Go'; keep searching for an alternative, otherwise you may as well be a dog... roll over and play dead.

    As Wilma says, we are damaged goods. Our hearts and minds have been battered for far too long. It's time for a renaissance, to start at 'grass roots level' and do things differently.
    It gives me hope that monkey questions, hope that a new world can exist, one that works for everyone.

    SuZen, come on over to NZ. There's a hint of summer in the air... And bring monkey too.
    What fun that would be!

  7. Hi Joanne! You're right about the tv - I've all but eliminated it but I'm married to a news junkie. It's on, tho I'm not watching it. And Monkey is fine - just monkey bein' monkey

    Hi Wilma! Well happy spring to you! How delightful! At my lakehouse there are no newspapers or tv - it's lovely. I should just do that here - duh. Monkey wants to know how the bananas are in NZ?

    Hi Nadia! It gets a bit hard to focus sometimes because there are so many wonderments to Monkey to ponder! If I didn't meditate daily I'd be nuts altogether!

    Hi Patty! For sure get outside! Nature is so soothing. I slip from wonderment into awe when I walk outside. Great soul food!

    Hi Mark! Too funny - your command of the French language is astounding, Mark! Do you have as much fun - or wonderment - with vanity license plates? Glad YOUR monkey minds comes out to play! See how well it serves you? No time to be bored with the crazy stuff it comes up with!

    Hi Ann-Marie! Oh yes,a renaissance of the heart! Let's do that! I feel there is one afloat already but it needs more participants to generate more energy. All we need is a willing spirit to BE the change we want to see!

  8. My, Monkey sure does express herself well.

    My Money Mind is wondering why the USA sent millions of Swine Flu vaccines to Afganistan but the nurses in our hospital haven't received any.

    Afganistan sure needs those because they drink out of puddles & such but Jeez...


  9. Hi Cynthia! We better strive to keep our monkeys apart - haha! If you read and do homework/research on this whole vaccine fiaso, you might be happy they were sent elsewhere.

  10. Hi SuZen, there are lots of thinks which make me chuckle in this post. I love the one about why products are more expensive which contain less salt. Thank you for bringing a little extra joy to my day! Enjoy the week!! Jodi

  11. I haven't met Monkey before but I feel as though I should be swinging on trees with her in the jungle, laughing at the world.

    Let's just start with your book, shall we? Huge congratulations. Don't downplay your success. I am up at 4:30am because my sister, who is critiquing my manuscript, says I'm a good writer but asked the question that has been plaguing me, "what sets your book apart from all the others?". I didn't quite have the answer and now I'm struggling trying to find it.

    As for the rest of your monkey chatter:

    Just the other day I listened to one of those advertisements for drugs and wondered if Saturday Night Live has ever done a skit on the "consult your doctor prior to taking". I laugh every time I hear those warnings; "if you take this drug you could get blood clots, heart condition, high cholesterol or go blind".

    As for the H1N1, with two asthmatic children I had to take the necessary precautions to prevent them from getting Swine Flu. This does not mean that I trust the vaccine or the Government, I just had to do what I could to protect my children and trust that Autism and Themerasol were, as they say, unrelated.

    We do what we can when faced with the overwhelming pressures of life. I too never have the tv on because if I did I would never sleep from worry.

  12. Hi Joydi! You're most welcome for the chuckles! The monkey keeps me pretty amused too, and godonlyknows, never bored! Have a lovely week!

    Hi Jillian! I hate that question too - about the book - but it's a darn necessary one from a marketing standpoint. Of course it's hard to look at any of our "creations" from a purely marketing standpoint, isn't it? It's like asking why is YOUR child special/better/more sellable than this other child? Well, duh, cuz it's mine!

    I'm distancing from the news. It's helping me if I DO view it, however, to act like I'm from another planet, just observing what the NUTS on this planet are doing! Rather amusing viewpoint and it helps diffuse any emotional response.

  13. Well, join the club. We are seriously thinking of moving in the next few years. My husbands choice is Costa Rica. I think Australia or New Zealand could be pretty great too. Though Tuscany sounds really yummy to me. One can dream. Sigh.....

    But seriously, all the things you wonder about are the things my husband and I talk about. No kidding. Sometimes I fear we are really losing our way as a society, but then, as you say, we must have some level of trust that something good is afoot here or we would likely go bonkers--permanently.

    May we believe, breathe and be well.

    (SuZen, FYI, I do come read your blog but my browser does not like certain blogs and when I write up a comment, it loses it. Unfortunately, yours is one of those. I have no trouble with the Blogspot sites that use a different posting option (like mine) but this format you use here gives Mozilla fits.)

  14. SuZen and her Monkey! I love it - keep going! As you said, even though it seems nuts, it's all "God in action." That being said, the government doesn't seem to be run by the people anymore so much as it's run by big business. Money talks, and yep, the feds are her b-i-a-t-c-h! Have you seen Food, Inc. yet? If not, I implore you to rent it and then blog about it. All the stuff that's driving you mad... Well, there's more, and it's in (as you said) our food. Or can we call it food? So much of it is engineered. Yikes.
    Anyway, I couldn't agree more with what you and your monkey were raging about, but like Nadia said, with things this bad, chances are it can only get better.
    Love & peace to you! Monkey, too!

  15. My wonderment for the day:

    Why the reversal on early detection? Sorry - sounds like health care rationing to me - and it tweaks me so. I was 40 when I had my baseline mammogram. I can't imagine where I'd be right now if my breast cancer remained unchecked...oh...wait...I'd be pushing up daisies.

    'nuf said. Off my soap box.

    Happy Thanksgiving SuZen!

  16. Monkey is a wise simian for sure. I could never figure out how a box of sugar coated with colored dyes and containing a little bit of corn ever got to the status of healthy.

  17. Hi Suzen - I hear you on the swine flu vaccinations. Folk are lining up like lemmings to get them done, while the drug companies are lining their pockets.

    Doctor's must be doing well out of it too. My GP had loads of people lining up for theirs the other day. He even had a notice on the roadside offering the jabs to walk-ins.

  18. Hi Jan!
    Sorry you are having trouble with the comments - I had Beth check it. She said it was fine so I don't know what else to do. I sure do appreciate the effort you made to GET here tho - perhaps we are meant to email?

    Hi Megan! Oh this was a very short list Monkey played with! haha! I'm glad you and Nadia wrote blogs about that movie's message. It is really time for all of us to pay attention here! The chemical companies and drug companies are definitely taking over and slowly poisoning us and our land. Don't get me started!

    Hi Peggy! Yeah, I hear you about that stupid announcement. We are best off educating ourselves and insisting on the care we deserve. I can't imagine how you reacted to that news and you aren't alone either I suspect. Soap boxes aren't always a bad thing!

    Hi Deedee! I couldn't figure that out either! What astounds me is that ANYONE buys that crap - and they DO, by the millions! Just how dumb are people anyway?

    Hi Cath! Lemmings - great word for this AND for the people buying junk food for their kids breakfast! Scary isn't it?

  19. Couldn't agree more on the fake sugar.

    My wonderment... why we keep buying slinkies when they invariably tangle 2 minutes after opening them. Not exactly health-care related, but it's a bugging question for me today.