Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Brief (?) Vacation From Blogging

As some of you may be aware, I recently moved to the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  It was quite an undertaking done solo but alas, the boxes are gone and I'm now in the process of really setting up a home here.  It's been a lot of juggling, moving piles of stuff from one place to the next, then sorting, then juggling again to make it all fit someplace else.  Enough to make ya nuts sometimes!  Our spring was late this year and I'm just now starting the garage - a several decade dumping ground for things I don't even KNOW what they ARE - so this is definitely "fun"!

Along with house stuff, pickleball just started, and golf, and a whole new social life I'm really enjoying.  I had scheduled blogs to be run thru the middle of May way back last February.  I thought by now I'd be ready to hit the blog topics again and keep on rolling.  Somehow this is just not happening.

Truth be told, I really don't know what I'll be doing - in so far as blogging is concerned.  I haven't been on line enough lately to read many of YOUR blogs, and I do apologize for my absence.  It's a whole new life now for me and I'm not sure how much of what I USED TO DO I am bringing forward with me now. 

I know others have struggled with the blog/no more blog issue, so you'll know where I am coming from.  For now, I'm going to take a break from it and see how that feels.  So in the meantime...........



Thank you ALL for your loyal support and following!
Susan aka Suzen

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Color Pink - The Cancer Cure?

If you read my blog last week, this is a rather natural follow up. Whereas in earlier years I was all about the fund raising, walk-for-a-cure stuff, I've put an end to that support. When the American Cancer Society will not offer any cancer-prevention information to anyone, when they fund millions to wipe out alternative doctors working to cure cancer without pharmaceuticals, when they have had 50 years and billions to come up with nothing but poisons, I see them as corrupt and manipulative. I bristle when I see all the pink stuff too. I cry when I see these women believing they are raising money for a cure, especially the daughters who have lost their moms to cancer. Heartbreaking! I know in their hearts they want to do the right thing and who doesn't?

The realtor chant is Location, Location, Location. Mine is Prevention, Prevention, Prevention! We simply must stop blindly handing over money for a cure that will never come. We simply must get smart, get informed and learn what we can do to reduce the risks of getting it and start supporting the doctors who have found cures and face ruin for it.  Over the years I've featured many of the doctors who are doing their best, sometimes having to LEAVE this country to do it, finding alternative treatments to the "standard care" of killing with chemo.

I found an article on Natural News who was quoting an article in Forbes about the whole pink thing I thought I would share.  It is not for the faint of heart but smacks of a truth not to be ignored in my opinion - and that's all this is - my opinion.  I am hoping you will share YOURS in the comments.

"Pinkwashing – Your donations allow us to make 1000 more pink pens.

Forbes recently published an article that explains the term “pinkwashing.” Pinkwashing: (n) the practice of using the color pink and pink ribbons to indicate a company has joined the search for a breast cancer cure and to invoke breast cancer solidarity, even when the company may be using chemicals linked to cancer.

What the article hones in on is the incongruous and sometimes baffling corporate connections between the cancer fundraising business and companies like KFC and Avon – both companies that use known carcinogens in their products. (Is this ironic to you or is it just me?)

The Good: Your donations make more pens.

Let’s face it, how many times have you found yourself without a pen? The experience is stressful, which means your body creates excess cortisol. This cortisol production disrupts the hormonal balance of the body and increases the risk of cancer. This means, the pen itself may actually be the cure for cancer everyone’s looking for… (Plus, pink pens have been scientifically shown to be seen better from distances further than 5 feet away.)

The Bad: Obviously, that was a little humor above. And if any of you thought it was insensitive to cancer patients, my mother is a breast cancer survivor and has worked for the American Cancer Society. My father died of cancer. If there was anyone who would be upset about it, it would be me. One thing that is very evident to me is that pens don’t cure cancer."

Now there are also the pink ribbon magnets, coffee mugs, hats and t-shirts - endless amounts of "stuff" and all you are doing by buying them is keeping the companies that manufacture that "stuff" in business. If any money at all is given to the ACS, godonlyknows what they are doing with it."

I am certainly not insensitive to cancer either. My dad had it, my husband had it, my friends have had it. I want it stopped as much as anyone but for the ACS and others to thwart the efforts of alternative medicine where there have actually been cures without side effects, don't you just think for a minute that they would CARE about this rather than putting these doctors on a hit list? I love the saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Oh if only there was more exposure to prevention because so many cancers COULD be prevented!

The mainstream public is being emotionally manipulated to give money to a cause that isn’t interested in the cure –  and of course they’re interested in remaining a viable business. Finding a cure for cancer is suicide for the American Cancer Society – it would no longer have a reason to exist. Most business don’t go into business to make themselves extinct.

Taking off the rose (or pink) colored glasses is in order - just put a clip on your nose because the truth about all this hoopla for cure really stinks!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Global Cancer Summit - Curing Cancer - Doctors You Should Know Pt. 2

I attended the Global Cancer Summit for two years in a row.  Last year I didn't not include these two doctors who are leading the way to alternative treatments for cancer, so I thought I put this information about the two of them out there for anyone who thinks there ARE no alternatives!

DR. THOMAS LODI - (Arizona) Formerly an allopathic physician he is now made the transition to Homeopathic.  He found that the modalities for chronic conditions just were not working in conventional (allopathic) medicine. 

He believes the body acts out of the wisdom of nature.  Inflammation is how we heal.  Remove the reason it is experiencing that.  There is a CRP blood test for inflammation.  All disease is based on inflammation - heart disease, cancer, diabetes - they are not separate diseases but have inflammation in common - and most doctors will tell you that all disease is an inflammation.

He says diets can be fertilizers.  (Obviously it is critical to pay attention to diet.  Eating junk food and sugar is like pouring gasoline on a fire - throw in chemical artifical stuff, hormones from non-organic dairy and non-organic meat, especially beef and you have a serious fire!)  In his cancer therapy, diet plays a huge part.

For "treatment" he uses low-dose chemo.  Depriving cancer cells of oxygen is key.  Cancer cells survive by eating glucose.  You can identify the cancer with a PET scan with a glucose additive and where the glucose binds together is where the cancer is.  He typically uses 10% of chemo, just enough to stop the cancer cell growth, but everyone is tested thoroughly so no treatments are actually "standard" protocols.  (This is contrary to most conventional chemo "recipes".)  The usual patient has perhaps as much as a 5% side effect, which is really nothing compared to what most conventional chemo will do to the patient. 

Besides a careful diet, he includes lots of Vitamin C - even in intraveneous form.  (This Vitamin C IV drip procedure has proved so successful that of course you must know that the FDA is trying to ban it everywhere now - seriously.  Actually I thought the ban had gone thru already, so shhhh on this!)  Dr. Lodi is concerned with the body not being able to manufacture MORE cancer, so building the immune systems up while just targeting the cancer cells with a tad bit of chemo works very well.

"All consuming is an exchange of energy" he said.  Energy comes from the light of plants and you want what eminates the light.  Cooking destroys a lot of the electrons, destroys enzymes and changes the plant biochemically.  Eat plants and raw vegan-like foods to cleanse out the body but first we add green juices."

Dr. Lodi runs a healing center.  They teach you there how to maintain a good healthy diet that will keep you, hopefully, cancer free.  He says after the treatments eating organic food only is the main prescription.  A few supplements like Co-Q-10 and medicinal mushrooms like mitaki, shitaki and reishi are great to incorporate into the diet. 

You can get more information about Dr. Lodi Oasis of Health on his website
Here is a brief introduction from YouTube:

I'm going to cram two doctors on this blog - sorry it's so long but really there is so much information from this Cancer Summit I'm hardly doing it justice as it is.  I will only put down the preventative information from Dr. Conneally, although I have notes on her entire therapy program.  Hopefully the preventative measures are all we need now, right?

DR. LEIGH ERIN CONNEALY - Irvine, California - An integrative medical doctor.

She says cancer is uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells - every cell can be cancer or has the potential to be.  The cell can lose its ability to protect itself from cancer - it needs help from proper nutrients to maintain its integrity. 

Her advice from a prevention standpoint, is Breath Better - cancer hates oxygen!  She said exercise alone reduces breast cancer by 50%!  Drink Water - Filtered and NOT in plastic bottles.  Schedule your water drinking if you must but drink more water!  DIET - east mostly raw organic foods and make your own JUICE so you can absorb lots of micronutrients - plus the greens you juice alkaline your system (which cancer hates) and also oxygenate (again cancer hates this).  AVOID SUGAR which includes all the foods that convert to sugar like breads, rice, etc.  Vegetables are so anti-cancer - just make sure they are organic!

Additionally, no aluminum cookware, no bottled salad dressings and eat only wild caught fish, it's less tainted and has not been fed anti-biotics like the farmed fish.  It is imperative any animal protein should be organic to insure that it is hormone-free. 

Then she got "hot" - NO SODA POP!  Only one diet coke takes 10 Gallons of water to neutralize!  Soda is too acidic (cancer loves acid) and absolutely NO aspartame.  She advises NO soy since it is mostly all GMO today and it makes patients too estrogenic.

Here is a brief video to introduce her.

There are many doctors out there doing marvelous health promoting treatments!  I hope you feel free to pass this information along to anyone who may benefit.  If the Pink Ribbon campaign was worth anything at all, they would be funding THESE doctors!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Marvelous Magnesium - Do You Get Enough?

Nobody seems to talk about magnesium very much.  I find that astounding!  Like Vitamin D deficiencies, the majority of people are magnesium deficient as well.  And just what does THAT mean?  When you learn a little bit more about this marvey little mineral, I hope you will consider what magnesium can do for you.

Magnesium  does a LOT and yet it isn't written about that much. I get suspicious about that. Conventional medicine contributes so much to the pain and disease people have by pushing a pill for every ill. The bad thing (well, ONE of them) is that these toxic chemicals (disguised as drug prescriptions) pollute the brain, suppress the immune system and in some instances actually promote cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, most people have no idea that prescription drugs steal minerals from the body.  These minerals - and magnesium is certainly one of them - are essential for optimal health.  This is especially true for the proper function of the heart muscle.  It was studied that many drugs cause increased demand for and utilization of magnesium by creating acidity in the body, which then draws on the available magnesium from the cells to try to neutralize the acid, minimizing it's toxic effects.

Magnesium can stop anxiety, asthma, blood clots, constipation, depression, insomnia and many other degenerative health conditions. 

This mineral has been used to alleviate peripheral nerve distrubances throughout the whole body - and this includes migraines, muscle contractions, gastrointestinal spasms as well as calf, foot and toe cramps.  It's been used in treating central nervous systoms of vertigo and confusion.

So you want to know where do I get magnesium?  You may be surprised to learn the most absorbable form of magnesium is soaking for 20 minutes in a bath tub of high quality epsom salts.  Your body will absorb MORE from that than pills, which I've read you body can only get about 10% of the magnesium after it goes through the digestive process.  I made a spray of it for days I don't have time for a bath.  I spray it on BEFORE my shower and find something to do until after it dries.  It's sticky and that's why I shower afterwards, but perhaps my concentration of water/mag. is too strong?  I don't know.  But it "cured" my restless leg syndrom, which is simply a lack of magnesium.

If you are as pill averse as I am, you'd rather get this mineral from your food.  Here are the top ten sources of magnesium - although I wouldn't consume TOO much of these due to the fat content but most make excellent snacks or spinkle them on salads etc.

1.  Bran - rice, wheat or oat.
2.  Dried Herbs - corriander, chives, spearmint, dill, sage and basil have the most.
3.  Seeds - squash and pumpkin.
4.  Dark chocolate - (yum! see?  it's not all bad!)
5.  Flax, sesame seeds and sesame butter (tahini)
6.  Brazil nuts - 19 mg. per nut!
7.  Sunflower seeds -  455 mgs. per cup - go easy!
8,  Almonds, cashew and pine nuts (count 'em, don't go "nuts"!)
9.  Molasses - a good substitute for refined sugar in cakes and breads (hmmm, should we be eating them anyway?)  There are 48 mg/per tablespoon.
10  Dry roasted soybeans (edamame)  I don't eat this at ALL.  Soy mimics hormones so while there may be a benefit, I take a pass on soy anything most of the time.

According to the research I've done, MANY heart conditions benefit from magnesium and in fact, in one article written by a doctor/researcher, they claim atrial fibrillation can be remedied by adding magnesium, making all the allopathic treatments of surgery for pace makers etc. absolutely absurd when magnesium to some patients made the heart irregularity totally disappear.

Again, this is a case of doctor's not receiving the proper education in minerals and mineral deficiencies.  Rather they receive training in drugs and surgery. 

If you take prescription drugs, or have any of the above symptoms, try adding these foods, take the mag. bath and see how you feel.  It may surprise you!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Calm Down!

Our nervous systems take a beating from all the busyness and stress in our "modern" society.  How we handle this stress is THE most important factor in maintaining health - and living longer too!

There are foods that we can eat that actually benefit the nervous system.  Of course, taking relaxing breaks, getting exercise and being "still" are tops on the de-stressing list.  But since I'm always talking about food, here is a list of several that you should keep in mind.

Bananas - This fruit is potassium-rich, contains magnesium, B6 and other nutrients that help boost the production of digestion-enhancing mucous (no it's not icky but a necessity for digestion) and all this helps to promote feelings of happiness and calm inside your body.

Brazil Nuts - One of the richest sources of selenium, it relaxes the nervous system.  I remember reading some years ago, that this nut is a definite mood enhancer.  You only need 2-3 daily.  It seemed to help my (then) teenage daughter thru her PMS stages, or whatever it was back then!  Since they are expensive, it sure helps to know you don't need but a few each day.

Dark Chocolate - Cacao.  What a blessing!  Dark chocolate has MANY great components nutritionally and I couldn't be happier about THAT!  It contains l-tryptophan, the neurotransmitter responsible for relaxing the brain.  Also it has magnesium, one of the top minerals recognized for its ability to calm the nervous system. 

Green, herbal tea -  You can "take the edge off" easily by having a nice warm cup of herbal green tea.  It's not just sitting down to take a tea break that helps but what is in the tea itself.  Green tea in particular contains the amino acid L-theanine that enhances mood by stimulating the production of alpha waves in the brain, reducing stress and promoting relaxation naturally.  Take tea and see!

Spinach -  Vitamin K in spinach provides an input of fat-soluable vitamin nutrients that contribute to the building up of the fatty layers that protect your nerves from damage.  Spinach also helps to regulate the production of hormones in the nervous system to improve mood, sleeping patterns and the body's response to physical activity and stress.

Whey - This is a dynamite way to boost anabolic funtion.  Rich in tryptophan (which assists in the production of serotonin) and a whole range of other healing amino acids and nutrients that all calm the nervous system.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter hormone that reulates endocrine, digestive, nervous system and blood health.  Low levels of serotonin are linked to anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.  Don't ignore this one!

You may have noticed a few of these foods are rich in magnesium.  As a whole, the entire population is suffering from a distinct deficiency in this life enriching mineral.  There is so much information on magnesium, I am doing a blog on it for next week, so I hope you will "stay tuned" to Today's Path!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Plastic Bag Insanity

It isn’t just the FDA that wants to censor science in America. Three major plastic bag manufacturers are suing eco-friendly ChicoBag simply for citing scientific facts and statistics.

Plastic grocery bags are not biodegradable. They clog waterways, spoil the landscape, pollute the soil and water (and therefore us), and choke birds and marine mammals who mistake them for food. Once they end up in landfills, they may take 1,000 years or more to break down into ever smaller particles that continue to pollute the environment.

These are facts.

Three large plastic bag makers—Hilex Poly Company, LLC; Superbag Operating, LTD; and Advance Polybag, Inc. apparently don’t like these kind of facts and have filed a lawsuit in South Carolina. They are suing the ChicoBag Company, claiming that it has caused harm to their businesses.


ChicoBag is trying to help eliminate the unnecessary use of single-use paper and plastic bags. They have designed reusable bags that are durable, tasteful, and convenient: they are small enough to tote in a pocket and have features that allow them to be clipped anywhere. The three single-use plastic bag manufacturers accuse ChicoBag of unfair advertising and unfair competition. What did ChicoBag do that was so wrong? The company merely cited the effects of plastic bags on the environment on its Learn the Facts web page:

“A reusable bag needs only to be used eleven times to have a lower environmental impact than using eleven disposable bags.” Source: EPA

“Only one percent of plastic bags are recycled.” Source: EPA

“Somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year.” Source: National Geographic

Note that none of these facts come from ChicoBag. The company is simply citing well-known information from reputable sources. The same information has been used in countless publications, news stories, and websites over many years; ChicoBag is one of the few organizations that actually provides documented sources for the facts they use. In other words, the plastic bag industry seems to be angry that ChicoBag quoted the Environmental Protection Agency and National Geographic and told the truth. (We see this kind of behavior all the time from the FDA but it’s less usual in commerce.)

All of the information above is sited from Natural News. I thought it was interesting enough to post just so you can all see how insanity can fester up in commerce . And of course, to remind you to use re-usable bags as often as possible. It's a habit worth having, and we can't say that about too many other habits! I keep mine in the car and use them probably 99% for my groceries. At first it seemed hard to remember, but now it is ingrained in me just like locking the car door when I get out.

Habit - Have a good one!! is an excellent resource for staying vigilant on the issue. They also have a listing of all federal, state, and local laws and pending legislation pertaining to plastic bags on their website.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boredom - 5 Inspirational Tips to Cure It

This blog is a re-run from years ago - but just as timely today!

Once you try it, you know that it works. And it's so simple. Why do the simple things get passed over? Are we so "advanced" we ignore simple anythings? Hmmm, and the root of the word ignorant would be.............? Gratitude is simple. It has the number one spot on the list of tips to inspire change, a mini-motivational "get pumped" tool.

Inspiration #1 - Gratitude. Make a list (daily) of everything you are grateful for and start with the fact that you are breathing. Once the mind is trained to look for all the little things to be grateful for, it carries over into positive thoughts altogether. A written list is more powerful than a mental list.

Voltaire said "Work keeps us from three great evils, boredom, vice and poverty." I don't know what the job market was like from 1694 to 1778 when he lived, but there is always some work to do if you want to loose the boredom.

Inspiration #2- Get to Work. If you can't think of any work to do, ask someone else if they need help. Volunteerism is a loud drum beat from our new President and everyone can benefit. Cut the grass for someone down your street - or in Chicagoland, shovel snow. Look around and see what simple little thing you can do for a friend or neighbor.

Inspiration # 3 - Avoid using the word bored. Erase it. Put lost in its place if you absolutely have to speak about it. Is "lost" better than "bored"? Maybe there is a bit more life and energy in being lost; it may imply you just now became lost, weren't always lost, and yesterday you knew where you were in life. Saying you are in transition could be the best choice, implying you are about to change. It sounds like you are thinking. Thinking is a good thing and change will come faster as a result.

Inspiration #4 - Think of one thing you can change right now and do it. This is a quickie thing just to prove to yourself that you have a pulse and can get off your butt. It doesn't matter if it's going for a walk, cleaning the fridge (without eating of course) or taking all the piles of newspapers out to recycling (oh look, I see the _____ now. - insert table, floor, or whatever the papers were hiding.)

Inspiration #5 Being around others who complain, especially of boredom, is not a good thing. If you can, engage them to join you in your effort to change. Great! Build up support for yourself. Who do you know that always seems to be busy, involved with life, committed to hobbies/sports?
Join them or emulate that behavior. Ask yourself are really living your life?

Life is a banquet. There is absolutely no limit of things to learn about, causes to support, people to help. Throw the blahs out with the garbage, listen for the drumbeat of change and join the dance of life.

Steinbeck (Grapes of Wrath) said "Man, unlike any other thing organic or inorganic in the universe, grows beyond his work, walks up the stairs of his concepts, emerges ahead of his accomplishments." WOW - we have potential.

Food for thought and hopefully, inspiration.